Make, Model, Year, and Trim

Whether you're a website, mobile, or application developer, a garage or dealership, or any professional working in the automotive industry, you will find a comprehensive list of automobile years and models to be a powerful tool. Allow a user to fill out dropdown fields to select their exact model, and get a unique ID number to reference the model later. Print up a complete list of every model of Honda Civic sold between the years 1999 and 2001. The applications are infinite. With your secure payment, you will recieve download access to a .zip file containing 5 identical databases encoded in different common formats. The list contains every model and submodel (or "trim") of every major manufacturer in the US from 1930 - 2015.

You will also recieve a .php file demonstrating how to implement the dropdown interface on a website to let a user select a year, make, model, and trim, and retreive the associated database ID number.

You do not need any programming knowledge to make use of the .csv, .xml, or .ods files, simply open them using any common spreadsheet software such as MS Excel or OpenOffice. You can download a sample of the included .csv file below.

All 5 file formats contain the same 5 fields: make, model, year, trim (e.g. "Turbo 2dr Coupe"), and a unique integer starting at 000001.

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>>Download a .CSV sample file<<

Database File Formats:

  • .SQL - Ready to import into your MySQL project to easily integrate with your website
  • .CSV - No programming knowledge needed, just open in MS Excel or other spreadsheet software
  • .XML - Common tag based data format
  • .JSON - Common application data structuring protocol
  • .ODS - For all you open source fans
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